Kreative Baking offers a huge assortment of molded sugar, royal icing and fondant shapes for every holiday or theme.  These fun and colorful shapes make decorating your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc so easy and add just the right touch.


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Winter Buddies Sugar Dec-ons
Arctic Animals Sugar Dec Ons-Set of 12
Standing Snowman Edibles-Set of 12 snowmen royal icing dec ons.
Standing Santa Royal Icing Decoration
Candy Cane Edible Sugar Dec Ons-Candy Canes come in a package of 10, 4 large and 6 small.
Christmas Cuties Edible Sugar Dec Ons-These adorable Christmas Cuties can be used for all your mini baked treats.
Christmas Charms Edible Sugar Dec Ons-These adorable Christmas Charms can be used for all your mini baked treats.
Tiny Edible Royal Icing Christmas Assortment-Use icing to attach tiny dec ons to homemade or store bought cookies, brownies and cupcakes.
Deluxe Holly Jolly Assorted Sugar De-ons
Shimmer Leaves Edible Sugar Dec-ons
Fall Assortment Edible Sugar Dec-Ons
Tiny Edible Royal Icing Thanksgiving Assortment
Turkey & Pilgrim Hat Edible Sugar Dec-ons
Fall Leaves Edible Sugar Dec Ons
Squirrel & Acorn Edible Sugar Dec-ons
Turkey Edible Royal Icing Dec On
Shimmer Pumpkin Edible Sugar Dec Ons
Edible Pumpkin Sugar Dec Ons
Halloween Candy Edible Sugar Dec-ons
Spider Assorted Edible Sugar Dec-ons
Cutie Creepers Assort Dec-Ons
Spooktacular Halloween Assorted Dec-ons
Mini Royal Icing Pumpkins
Halloween Silhouette Assorted Edible Sugar Dec-ons
Monster Assorted Edible Sugar Dec Ons
Mini Frightful Friends Edible Sugar Dec ons
Halloween Mummy, Ghost and Pumpkin Edible Dec Ons
Frightful Friends Assorted Edible Sugar Dec-Ons-Package in a set of 12, 2 of each design.
Itsy Bitsy Spider Dec-ons
Small Eyes Sugar Dec-ons
Crayon Sugar Dec Ons-Package of 12 assorted colored crayons, 2 of each color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Green and Blue.
School Sugar Dec Ons-Adorable shapes packaged in a set of 8, 2 of each: books, apples, pencils, and scissors.
Ready For School Sugar Dec-ons make cute treats for Back To School!
Red, White and Blue Edible Sugar Star Dec Ons
Tool Assorted Edible Sugar Dec Ons-Bake up a batch of Dad's favorite cupcakes or brownies and top with these cute tool sugars. Package of 12
Royal Icing Edible Graduation Caps
163 results
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